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You Can Have Your Cake & Eat It Too

Growth and Profit – Liquidity and Legacy, we think you can have it all. Victory Six is a firm built to provide liquidity to founders who may be ready to take a backseat, but want to leave their company and team in the hands of someone who can continue to grow their legacy. We don’t believe a company has to be unprofitable to accelerate growth, and we’ve proven that at over 15+ B2B Software Businesses in the lower middle market. Let us take it from here. Let us continue growing your legacy and the careers of your team.

What we are looking for

B2B Software

We are looking for mission critical enterprise-grade software solutions

$5-15M in Revenue

Our experiences are primarily with acquiring businesses in the $5-15M revenue range

Inbound GTM

If the majority of your customers found you instead of you finding them, then you may be a good fit for V6

Meet our founder

"Investors get a bad rep because they're usually only focused on one piece of the puzzle.

Grow at any cost -
Cut valuable contributors to boost profit in the short term -
Those types of strategies can do more harm than good.

No one wants to talk about how you engineer healthy growth.
That's where we come in.

- R. Zachary Jarman, Founder & Managing Partner

Let's chat

We love talking to passionate founders about their businesses

If you're curious to learn more or discuss what a potential valuation for your business might look like, then let's chat!